The Panic42 is a minimalistic Live CD/DVD to do basic crash recovery and disk preperation on your Linux and Windows Systems. This LiveCD/DVD is created in 3 versions, one 32 bit and two 64 bit versions. The one 32 bit and the first 64 bit version is created to fit within the 700 mb boundary of a cd, and the last is a fullflegded DVD-sized system with all graphical desktop styles.

The basic functions of all versions is based around disk tools and network support to help you get data off a crashed system, fix problems and/or to get a new system working, preserving you valuable data. Some of the critical tools on Panic 42 is the dd tool from the ”CoreUtils” package, and NetCat/nc (BSD-vsersion) tool to transport data on and off the System. The core application to manage your disk(s) partitions is the Gparted package, to resize, move and create partitions.

It is build in ”Suse Studio” and based on OpenSUSE 12.3 and the various versions can be downloaded from downloads. There are no whatsoever guaranties for the result You get or not get by using the CD/DVD and no liabillity .. you know the drill and all the legal stuff : Don't blame ME ;-)

Good Luck, and have FUN :)

Dokumentation (preliminary) : P42x64-v1.0.14

Software Overwiev : sw.html

Forum : P42 Forum

Downloads : ISO

Contact : p42(a) where (a) = @ ;-)