What is Panic42 ?

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The Panic42 is a minimalistic Live CD/DVD to do basic crash recovery and disk preperation on your Linux and Windows Systems.
This LiveCD/DVD is created in 3 versions, one 32 bit and two 64 bit versions. The one 32 bit and the first 64 bit version is created to fit within the 700 mb boundary of a cd, and the last is a fullflegded DVD-sized system with all graphical desktop styles.

The basic functions of all versions is based around disk tools and network support to help you get data off a crashed system, fix problems and/or to get a new system working, preserving you valuable data.
Some of the critical tools on Panic 42 is the dd tool from the ”CoreUtils” package, and NetCat/nc (BSD-vsersion) tool to transport data on and off the System.
The core application to manage your disk(s) partitions is the Gparted package, to resize, move and create partitions.